Customizable Sites

Privilege’s of Purchasing your own lot

  • Purchase your own private lot and become a permanent part of our StoneRidge Motor Coach Village community.
  • You’ll enjoy the pride and privileges of ownership that include personalizing your property with your own choice of design and style.
  • Create the look of your very own lot with your choice of landscaping and hardscaping, including your pad, patio and outdoor living space. You can even put in a pergola or an outdoor kitchen to enhance your outdoor living and entertaining.
  • Plan your own landscaping, fountains, add trees, flowers etc….the sky’s the limit.
  • A full golf membership is included with any developer site purchase!

Ten Great Ways to Customize Your StoneRidge Site

  1. Ponds are popular, and they aren’t necessarily troublesome to maintain, especially when they connect with other natural features on your site which lends itself to a more natural look to the landscape.
  2. Rocks/Boulders …..rock as a way to add dimension to the landscape, and they fit in naturally with  StoneRidge’s greater community. And they can easily tie into a stream bed or strategically placed.
  3. Annuals & perennials can become the site’s focal point. One landscaping goal is to achieve color throughout the whole season, accomplished by planning a mix of annuals and perennials that bloom in succession. Hanging baskets do particularly well in this area and add a tremendous amount of color.
  4. Add a pergola—your way. Many outdoor kitchens boast lights, fans and heaters, refrigerators, ice makers, grills, sinks, even dishwashers while others use pergolas for outdoor sitting areas or both. Timbers or logs both make terrific pergolas done with a creative NorthWestern flair.
  5. Use of stone on the coach house and/or kitchens as well as exterior sitting walls adds a touch of class to your entire site.
  6. Lighting can serve many purposes and allow outdoor living to continue well into the night. Energy-efficient LED lights allow guests to easily move around your site at night. Lights can also illuminate trees, fountains, ponds or other important focal points.
  7. Make it rustic, or make it more western, or both! Use sites like Houzz to get ideas.
  8.  A log cabin coach house, or a popular board and batten coach house makes your lot feel like home. Work with your general contractor to fully develop your own Northwest style.
  9. Add a fire pit or fire feature. Cool nights invite fire pits, fire features, or custom fireplaces and give a wonderful sense of warmth and home.
  10. Use a local craftsman to make chairs, bar stools, side/end tables or creative wooden statues in and around your site.

Work with your general contractor and our own Architectural Committee for best results and to stay within our StoneRidge guidelines.